Frequently Asked Questions

Roger playing outside with the dogs
Roger playing outside with the dogs

Please phone or email if you have any additional questions

Q. Does my dog have to be fixed?

Absolutely. We require that all dogs, male and female have been fixed. This prevents any unplanned puppies, helps dogs to be less dominant and allows us to spend more time with your dog rather than spending time cleaning off the corners of our walls and legs of our furniture from dogs that want to mark their territory.

Q. What shots are my dog required to have?

In order to board with us, your dog is required to be up-to-date on their annual vaccinations.

Q. What should I bring for my dog during his/her stay?

- All that is required for your dog is a leash, a properly fitted collar with ID tags, and enough food for their stay.
- If your dog is staying for more than a few days, and is not used to the level of exercise they will get here, please pack extra food. We don't want your dog going home skinnier than when they came (unless of course they're looking to get into better shape!). We appreciate when the food is labeled with your dog's name and feeding instructions.
- You may bring a bed or blanket if you wish, but most dogs do okay without them and generally just find a comfy spot in the house for themselves. If you are crate training, you are more than welcome to bring the dog's crate for sleeping.
- We have plenty of dog bowls that are sterilized after each meal but if you prefer their own, you may bring them labeled with your dog's name.
- We have lots of dog treats here, but if your dog is particularly sensitive to treats, please pack their own brand.
- Please do not bring toys as they may not come back home with your dog. Toys are destroyed quickly here, and we have lots of toys for dogs of all sizes.
- Please do not bring rawhide bones, or chew bones, as even the nicest of dogs will become aggressive over them around other dogs.

Q. Why do you need to know what time I will be arriving to drop off and pick up my dog?

If you are familiar with kennels, you may be used to being able to pop by the kennel anytime during their operating hours to pick up your dog and be greeted by a staff member to check you out. With us being a regular household with errands to run, dogs to walk and other people coming and going, we require a timeframe of arrival to ensure we will be here. We also ensure that when you arrive, our other boarding guests are in a safe place away from the front door to ensure there are no escapees as you are coming and going with your dog. We try to be very accommodating to your schedule, but we do need an estimated time of arrival as we generally do not answer the door to unexpected visitors.

Q. Are all the dogs kept together, and do they all get along?

Yes, all the dogs are kept together in our home. We do our best to ensure only the friendliest of dogs get to board in our home to ensure the safety of all the dogs, and of our family. Sometimes when dogs meet, there will be a few growls – that is normal, as they are trying to establish their pack order, and telling each other what they like and dislike. We have not had too many occasions where dogs do not get along to the point we've had to separate them. But when we do come across a dog who can't get along with others, we simply keep the instigating dog separated and we will no longer accept that dog.

Q. Will my small dog be okay around the bigger dogs?

Yes! I know it can be frightening to leave your small dog in a home where there may be multiple bigger dogs, but I assure you, the little dogs can hold their own! Some smaller dogs may be a bit timid at first, but within no time they find their place in the pack and are playing hide and seek with the big dogs – and usually win, I might add. Big dogs generally adjust their playing behaviour around the smaller guys and many times will lay down on the floor to play with them.

Q. What kind of feeding schedule will my dog be on?

Generally, all the dogs are on the same schedule. Most of our guests are used to eating twice daily. We feed breakfast at 7:30 am and dinner at 5:30 pm. But we also accommodate each dog's individual requirements, such as dogs who may eat once a day or three times a day. We like to keep them on their regular eating schedule as much as possible. For "grazers", dogs that nibble throughout the day, we will put their food down for them a few times throughout the day to let them eat what they'd like, then we pick it back up – this method seems to work well for them. All dogs are fed privately, away from other dogs. Some dogs seem to like company while they eat, so we will sit with them until they finish.

Q. Where do all the dogs sleep?

Your dog will usually sleep in our home where ever they're used to sleeping in yours. We have a large room just off of our bedroom with couches and dog beds where most dogs tend to reside for the night since it's close to us. Some dogs like to sleep next to our bed, and others prefer to sleep by themselves somewhere else in the house. If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, you may bring that for them to sleep in.

Q. Is someone with my dog all the time?

Most of the time, there is always someone home with your dog. It is not too often, however, like you, we sometimes have obligations which may take us out of the house for a short time. In those instances, your dog will stay where they usually stay when you go out. If your dog is free to roam the house when you go out, they will do that here. Or if your dog is usually crated when you go out, feel free to bring their crate and we can do that here too.

Lady Visiting dogs are welcome to enjoy any of the "Guest Chairs" but don't worry about them coming home and getting on furniture when they aren't supposed to do so.

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